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The SWI-Prolog Cross-Referencer can be used to examine the currently loaded program, creating a hiearchical file overview with icons indicating which files have suspicious code, a dependecy view as shown below and detailed info per file as shown below that.

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Only the id of the target element and the topic that contains it matter: id's on any other containing elements (for example an id on the should also be limited to topic-level targets, unless the output is primarily print-oriented.

Web-based referencing works best at the level of whole topics, rather than anchor locations within topics.

Therefore it is a good idea to use links at the end of the topic, in the ( text data or ph or codeph or synph or filepath or msgph or userinput or systemoutput or b or u or i or tt or sup or sub or uicontrol or menucascade or term or q or boolean or state or keyword or option or parmname or apiname or cmdname or msgnum or varname or wintitle or tm or image or desc) section, example, desc, p, note, lq, q, sli, li, itemgroup, dt, dd, figgroup, pre, lines, ph, stentry, draft-comment, fn, linkinfo, entry, prereq, context, cmd, info, tutorialinfo, stepxmp, choice, choptionhd, chdeschd, choption, chdesc, stepresult, result, postreq, refsyn, proptypehd, propvaluehd, propdeschd, proptype, propvalue, propdesc, screen, b, u, i, tt, sup, sub, codeph, codeblock, pt, pd, synnote, area A hyperlink to an external Web page (URL) or other non-DITA resource, to another DITA topic in the same file or in another file, or to a specific element inside a DITA topic.

The format attribute identifies the format of the target. DITA content is targetted as follows: Elements inside a topic need to have their location scoped by the containing topic's ID.

You can view detailed IP connections statistics including IP addresses, ports, sessions, etc.

It can also log individual or all packets to files.

With the convergence of cinema and photography, SCARLET provides all the tools necessary for filmmakers and photographers alike.

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Views can be created for the whole project, per directory or selectively by adding files to the view. Using the command 'Header', the system can create module headers with appropriate import and export headers.

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