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Paré was born in Montreal, Quebec, the daughter of Anthony Paré, the former chair of the education department at Mc Gill University, and Louise Mercier, a conference interpreter.

If you’d like to listen to the audio of this interview, click here. JESSICA PARE: Well, a lot of things, but I think, first of all, one of the great things about the show in general is that there are no characters that are solely stereotypes or archetypes of that era, or any era. They’re so tight-lipped about it, and the special challenge for me working on this… At first when I started, I think I auditioned, the character description was, like, female, brunette, so I was like I’m perfect for this. But so they didn’t say anything about where it was going to go. But, even when I have a scene with somebody else, he’s so in tune with what my character is going through at that time that it’s actually really a joy. How has being on the show changed the scripts you are being sent for other things? You can see through the windows, especially sitting at the secretary’s desk. Because I feel like that’s what we are doing and it’s not ready. Do you thing Megan be miserable or would she buy into this vision of life with Don? PARE: No, it’s TV, so we do move relatively quickly. PARE: The thing that’s really burning a hole in my DVR is .

They’re all full and real people, so they don’t represent one single idea or movement at all times of their existence, but I think Megan is probably part of the first generation of women that thought that she could have a career and a family life without so many social barriers. No, I think that first of all, when he first proposes to her, in Episode 13 of Season 4, I think it’s seen, for pretty obvious reasons, as the easier choice, and early on, in Season 5, we learn that it’s not that black and white. Maybe Anna Draper saw something warm and soft, but until Megan, nobody really saw him as like a fun summertime Don. When you were involved in Season 4, how much did you know, going in, where the arc was going to go? I’ve done work, a little bit in TV, but mostly in film where you’re handed your whole character arc before you even get the job. They said it might be three or more episodes, which I was really excited about. Also, he just gets the technical aspect of it which — every actor works differently — but for me, it’s great to a scene with him and then he’s like, “Come. PARE: One of the things about the show is everybody watches it. Do a lot of friends want to visit when you are filming? We’re working on this right now and when it’s ready, you’ll see it. There are definitely scenes where we do more takes but never that kind of volume. Maybe four, if it’s a complicated scene or more emotional.

She also had small roles in an episode of the horror series Big Wolf on Campus and the 1999 French film En Vacances.

She dropped out of the fine arts program at Montreal's Dawson College and pursued acting for two years.

” But I didn’t want to put any stock in it, because I was, like, Matt could still change his mind by Monday, but he didn’t, so… So I’ll look more deeply into those when we’re shooting on that particular episode.

A little bit more about the culture, sort of the increase of the sexual freedoms and drug use, and that sort of thing. In 2003, she starred in the girl gang thriller film Posers, after which she appeared in the CTV miniseries The Death and Life of Nancy Eaton, in the title role of murdered heiress Nancy Eaton.Paré made her Hollywood debut in the 2004 film Wicker Park. She was in the mockumentary See This Movie (2004) and had a role on the teen drama series Jack & Bobby that year.The performances of Paré and her co-stars were, however, widely praised.Also that year, she appeared in the miniseries Napoléon as the emperor's mistress and had a cameo appearance as a pop singer in Deepa Mehta's Bollywood/Hollywood (2002).Click through to see all of Jessica Paré's changing looks over the years. So, we dug a little deeper and rounded up the best and worst of Jessica Paré's outifts and some of her movie roles in Hollywood. The brown paper bag dress wasn't exactly a big trend in the naughts, but I figure it's better than Britney and Justin's all denim ensemble. IMDB tells me that it is about a new roommate (Mischa Barton) who is shocked to find out her roomies are lovers (Piper Perabo and Jessica Paré). In 2009, Jessica went out in this chartreuse ensemble.

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