Starting young to prevent dating abuse

A Department of Justice study found that school-level interventions in 30 New York City middle schools reduced the instances of teen dating violence by 50 percent. Stick with us throughout the month as we explore the prevalence of teen dating violence, as well as ways to help and heal.

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Teen dating violence is physical, sexual, psychological, emotional violence or stalking by a former or current partner.

So often when we as a society hear the word “violence,” we automatically assume it’s physical, but violence comes in many forms.

There is also a National Dating Abuse Hotline you can call.

Help people understand what teen dating violence is and the symptoms.

Additionally, teens participating in sending explicit images are also at risk of legal action under child pornography rules.

An example of this activity happened in Pennsylvania last month when two teens were cited for sending explicit photos of themselves. Continuing to raise awareness about the dangers associated with digital abuse and sexting is the first step to combating the problem.

According to the CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violencestudy, about 1 in 5 women and nearly 1 in 7 men who ever experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner, first experienced some form of partner violence between the ages of 11 and 17.

Signs a teen is involved in an abusive relationship may include: Everyone can play a part in preventing teen dating violence and helping victims heal.

It is also important to realize dating violence happens to young people and teenagers.

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