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There are surprise releases, delayed releases, singles and EPs and mini-albums and mixtapes, streaming platform exclusives, and artists who don't stream their music at all; finding everything you want to hear can feel like a full-time job in its own right, never mind actually to it.

Outside, teens are requesting Ubers and being picked up by their parents. “I sent her like 100 snapchats—I’m so sad she got kicked out,” she says to the kid next to her while typing on her phone.

It's never been easier to feel like you're drowning in a sea of new music.

“I love him so much,” the teen next to me says to her friend. It’s his first real tour since his single “Trap Queen” became a viral sensation in 2015.

He’d planned to kick off a tour in October, but postponed after a brutal motorcycle accident.

The only place there’s not a throng of teens is at the bar.

Behind the polished counter two bartenders lean against the shelves polishing glasses.

"In a very short period of time they have amassed a significant global fanbase and are regularly one of the top 30 artists on Spotify.

Their last two singles "Sex" and "Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)" have streamed over 300 million and 100 million streams, respectively, and growing fast.

We are beyond stoked to have started a partnership with them and can't wait to see it grow.”The trio gains a lot of opportunity with the venture, a chance to work with new collaborators as well as the guidance of 300 Entertainment's dedicated and knowledgeable team, so that the Los Angeles trio can expand its own sonic palette.

Watch Cheat Codes Reveal Celebrity Crushes, Impersonate Britney Spears at Firefly Festival"This is the next chapter of Cheat Codes,” says the group's Kevin Ford. I'm excited to be partnering with people like Lyor, Roger, Pete, Todd, Kevin and the rest of the team at 300 who share the same vision and mindset as us, and who understand where the future of music and the business is going.

There’s a drama playing out—two young ladies have been kicked out of the show during opening acts because one of them got drunk and threw up in front of a police officer. Now she’s sobbing, clutching her friend—who didn’t puke in front of cops and gets to stay. The analogy packed like sardines falls apart immediately because when you open a can of sardines there’s at least a little room around the edges, but here in the crowd an hour after the doors open, but two hours before the headliner, there isn’t an inch of extra space.

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