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In police interview he said he had been drinking heavily and had gone out planning to vent his anger on the first person that crossed his path.

After the hearing, Detective Sergeant Graeme Devine, of Durham Police, said: "What Walsh did was extremely disgusting."I have been a police officer for 19 years, and this is the worst case I have had the misfortune to deal with."He is one seriously dangerous individual, and deserves to stay in prison for a long time."The officer then praised the two teenage boys and the older men for catching Walsh.

He said that sentencing guidelines meant that in order to determine a minimum tariff that sentence had to be halved and the four months Walsh has spent in prison on remand since the attack also had to be deducted, leaving five years eight months as the minimum tariff.

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A detective who worked on the case said it was the worst such attack he had come across in almost 20 years service, while a judge labelled Walsh "extremely dangerous".

Durham Crown Court today heard that after eventually escaping his clutches his battered, half-naked victim staggered from woodland shouting for help.

He appeared at Durham Crown Court today where Judge Tim Hewitt told him he was a danger to the public.

He told Walsh: "I regard you as extremely dangerous."It's clear you pose a significant risk to the public, and in my judgment qualify for a life sentence of imprisonment."The court was told that the victim, who was in court to see her attacker jailed, now suffers sleepless nights and is on medication for depression.

She was met by a group of youngsters and after they covered her she gave them a detailed description of Walsh.

Johnathan Stoker and Adam Barker, both 16, tracked him down before alerting the allotment holders who surrounded him and detained him until police arrived.

At the time he was behind the victim and pulling her head to the side and backwards.

At an earlier hearing, Walsh had admitted two charges of rape, one of assault by penetration and one of attempting to choke, suffocate or strangle with intent to rape.

He dragged her into woodland and threatened to kill her before carrying out a series of sickening sexual attacks.

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