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Mediation gives the couples an excellent chance to consider the point of view of another one and compromise on a common point that is mutually accepted.

The fee of each 1-hour Couple-Relation Mediation is HKD1,000.

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Professionals' Matchmaking generally accepts the TERTIARY-EDUCATED applicants only.

The notion behind is such applicants normally exhibit a higher level of intelligence, personal attributes, and insistency of improving their core quality.

Professionals' Matchmaking values a person's integrity the paramount importance and proceeds with the matching process for the applicants who pass our MANDATORY BACKGROUND CHECK.

This is to ensure every applicant is safe and honest to their crucial past and present life in our best effort.

A serial of vital steps proceeded here for each applicant aims for the best protection from love predators and the highest chance of matchmaking success.

matchmaking asia millionaire hong kong melbourne australia singapore tokyo dating love relationship consultant counselling Our love consultancy service is extended from singles to built couples here.

Here we attract a pool of quality persons who share a common ground to seek a reliable, compatible, and competent life-time partner.

Every applicant must show his/her certified proof of career, executive, and entrepreneurial profession documents.

Seventy Thirty is the ultimate boutique matchmaking service, with a wealth of experience in matching thousands of members with partners from our international membership comprising of men and women of...

E., 39, has a group of close female friends around her age who are all single.

You will normally hear from us within 3 working days provided that your form is filled properly.

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