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In fact, this is the very reason we want to use the fetched results controller in this case.

This way, the fetched results controller will only retrieve a subset of objects at a time from the underlying database, and automatically fetch mroe as we scroll. ZDETAILS FROM ZFAILEDBANKINFO t0 LEFT OUTER JOIN ZFAILEDBANKDETAILS t1 ON t0.

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Nsfetchedresultscontroller not updating

I’d recommend also taking a look at some of the Apple samples out there – they have 5 different Core Data examples currently available and they all show different and interesting aspects of things you can do.

A good exercise would be to continue this example to add in the detail view that we created in the SQLite tutorial, or to add in support for adding/editing/deleting items.


Also, if you have any advice about Core Data or gotchas that you’ve encountered with Core Data in your projects, please share!

We are going to override the get method for our property so that it checks to see if the fetched results controller exists first.

If it does exist, it will return it, otherwise it will create it.

The problem happens when one of those users accepts a request, at which point they should be shown on the list but since they were previously excluded from the fetch request, they won't be added.

: Fully updated for i OS 5 (original post by Ray Wenderlich, update by Adam Burkepile).

First, any time we use an NSFetched Results Controller, we need to set a sort descriptor on the fetch request.

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