My gamerscore not updating

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Also my Gamerscore hasn't gone up on Xbox but on my actual 360 it is showing that it has gone up.

It's a complete mess right now and Microsoft are either ignoring it or haven't got a clue how to fix it.

I just started playing Tropico 5 the other day and was racking up on some achievements when I noticed it was only saying I had a small fraction of the achievements I clearly done and even popped up.

By the time I was done I had 20/50 achievements UNLOCKED for the game with a gamerscore of about 400.on the list of games I have played it says I only have 8/50 achievements and 140 gamerscore, but when I click on the game itself it shows the right amount and all the ones I have unlocked..

OR You might have not been connected to xbox live when your gamerscore changed....

Solution: Try to sign into xbox live on your 360, sign out, Sign in, sign out of, sign back in on, sign in on your 360....Everything appears fine when you look at individual games but those two achievements did not add.I just got another achievement which added to my total gamerscore however the prior ones are still absent There have been 2,124 posts in the last 24 hours.So I played more and unlocked about 5 more achievements adding about 50 more gamerscore and it was doing right and all of them was showing up.when I restarted my 360 it went back to only 8/50 with 140GS.. Another thing is when I check my gamerscore on the Xbox guide & Dashboard it shows my gamerscore correctly, but when I compare games with another player or check it from the "Completed Games" blade it shows it about 300 points less than the other.Check this out It's been going on for 4 months nearly and Microsoft has done nothing about it. I am playing Space Channel 5 Part 2 and when i click achievements it shows 3 out of 12 complete.OR unlock more achievements to try to get it to update.

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