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It is therefore important to look at interpersonal relationships between parents,children and other members of family, acquaintances, friends, opposite sex, teachers, children, members of religious-, cultural-, and other groups (Engelbrecht, et al, 1989).

Let's start with your relationship with your family.

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Enjoy also the inspirational quotes, and personal development articles that include helpful tips and strategies, as well as other interesting pointers.

The good news is, that acquiring Essential Life Skills will not only contribute to your personal growth and development, it will make you a more interesting and dynamic individual.

Because without having developed them, you will always feel that something is missing in your life.

What good is all the financial success in the world if you don't have self-confidence, know who you really are, what you want, or what you are doing here?

The quality of the interpersonal relationships is extremely important for the success, failure, happiness, unhappinnes and the future life of a person.

Good relationships are important wherever you are, whatever job you are doing and whatever people you meet or have to deal with.

Therefore, in order to enjoy the fruits of any achievement we must first be happy with ourselves and possess the following: A healthy Self-Concept which includes the three skills of: 1.

In this unit we shall deal with human relationships.

We've all witnessed many outwardly successful and famous people who have not been able to find personal happiness. The Critical Thinking that is needed to work on developing and honing the rest of the skills including: 4.

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