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Again I inserted my hand, this time going farther, the walls of her pussy were hard, slowly I continued my treck to the center of her cunt.I was at the elbow, it was here that I began to feel a tightening in my pants.Out I pulled and inch or two, then plunged back in six.

I looked down and saw that my dick was fully erect.

With my free hand I opened the zipper and began to give myself a hand job.

With two fingers I pallapated around, until I found a sweet spot, she wiggled and moved in ways that I have never seen a cow move, grunting and grinding with my fingers.

I rubbed and rubbed and she swayed for nearly twenty minutes, the she let out what sounded like a sigh of relief.

The calfs were still being born and you never know when something might happen.

i walked out with the dog, a big Aussie, and we survayed the area."Their not Lesbians, and don't use that word, its just a cow in heat, they're fine." all right, a milk cow in heat? Later, I went back out and found the same cow who had been mounting the other. As we walked her tail swated flys and i could see her budding pussy was big and pink, and nice mound calling me.With each step small amounts of liquid seeped out of it, drizziling down to her utters and falling onto the ground.I had come to my grandma's arm many times before.Mostly in the summers to combat the lonelyness for both of us.Grandma answered, I could here the urgency in her voice, "Yes, of course.

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