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For example, America's three favorite fattening foods are pizza, French fries and hamburgers.Little Mary's Pizza Soup eliminates your cravings for pizza, Little Mary's Potato Cakes and Mashed Potatoes eliminate your cravings for French fries, and Let's Do Lunch Burgers eliminate your cravings for hamburgers ..those Let's Do Lunch recipes taste as good as any pizza, French fries and hamburgers you've ever eaten.

I feel I do not have a binding contract with their company because of the lies and deceit presented by their representatives.

I have tried on numerous attempts personally with “It’s Just Lunch” to get a full refund of $1,800.00 but have been unsuccessful.

With Let's Do Lunch, you're never hungry because you Eat Until Full, and Lets Do Lunch Eliminates Every Craving there is.

The It’s Just Lunch franchise dating service website calls itself the “the first date specialists,” and claims to “arrange quality lunch dates and drinks after work for busy professionals in a discreet, no-pressure setting.” Its claim to fame is the exclusive nature of its high-calibre clients and its extensive, personal matching process. Tami, who claims to be a bikini model, definitely thinks It’s Just Lunch is a scam, and she’s trying to get her $1800 fee refunded. Tami states: I am demanding a full refund from “It’s Just Lunch”.

See your doctor for approval before starting any new eating program.

With Let's Do Lunch, you eat your choices of any and all the foods and "simple & delicious" recipes, until you are full, whenever you are hungry, no matter how often that is and No Matter How Many Calories You Consume....including lean red meat & Unprocessed Starchy Carbs (like corn, corn-on-the-cob, popcorn, corn thins, all the different kinds of beans, legumes, lentils, edamames, peas, chickpeas, etc....these foods eliminate your cravings for Processed starchy carbs like bread and pasta..they Force Your Body to become less hungry!We’ll ask about your relationship goals, personal interests, hobbies and more.And not to worry, we’ll make it as easy as possible.I was incredibly unhappy and gave detailed information as to what was wrong and missing only to be told each time they understood and would guarantee I would be very happy with the next person they had for me.I ended up going through three separate “Matchmakers” who were all highly trained and skilled in their profession, to finally tell them they do not and have not even come close to the contract we agreed on as to what they had to offer and provide.At Meet For Lunch.com, you'll find it easy to get together with qualified singles or platonic friends - with no strings attached.

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