Is johnny nitro still dating melina

Let's say John Morrison was in Melina's position instead!Let's say he broke it off with Melina and at that time went and had a fling with Torrie Wilson.I bet many of you would not care and would think "Good for Morrison, and it’s Melina's loss."Or how about if Melina allowed Morrison to "get with" Wilson while she was still married to Peter Gruner?

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In the past, former WWE workers were allowed to visit, but apparently Melina can't.

Some of you would no doubt have followed the logic that it's too soon for her to be visiting friends and former co-workers as she was only recently let go of.

The Morrison fans celebrated on the streets when the news broke that she was future endeavored.

In my mind, there really two versions of this so-called Morrison/Melina/Batista "controversy." One version is the truth where it's nothing more than a break-up leading to a fling, then ending in the original couples getting back together.

In between, some fans will have information from both versions mashed together while still painting the image of Melina being only a piece of tail.

Fans are so quick to jump into the act of accusing Melina of shameful acts when all that occurred was the normal dissolution of couples to her dating someone new for a while.

Rumor In this version, Melina and Morrison never broke up, but Morrison allowed or "loaned" Melina to Batista while Batista was still married to his wife (Pro Wrestling Torch, h/t Ringside News).

Batista's marriage was ruined, and apparently this held Morrison back from his main event push.

I bet the majority of you would have forgiven him by now and simply say he made a mistake while not holding it against him.

Melina does not get that respect at all, as many of you still spread that rumor as if it was fact and hold it over her head as if she was a disgrace.

The world is a very cruel and unfair environment that is riddled with double standards, lies and hypocrites.

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