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Perhaps, it may bo, it may happen ; at times, now and then. To produce, to beget, to create ; to exhibit, to display; to furnish, to supply ; to j^erform, to cause to be. Name of a sovereign who reigned at Majapahit, the last Hindu kingdom of Java.

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Kami telah menata rapi semua gambar tersebut dalam beragam kategori untuk Anda.

Teaching, instruction; advice, counsel ; admonition, reproof. To teach, to instruct ; to ad- vise, to counsel ; to admonish, to re- prove.

Secret incantations ; to pemse or study religious books; to study the subject of religion as a disciple; to learn as a school-boy.

Name of one of the sons of Aijuna in the Mahabarat.

Done ; ended, finished, termina- ted ; completed ; accomplished, execu- ted ; utterly, entirely ; over, past ; auxiliary expressing a perfect preterite. End, termination, conclusion ; completion ; accomplishment, execu- tion. To end, to terminate, to finish ; to complete ; to execute, to accom- plish ; to expend, to exhaust.

To be ; to exist ; to have, to possess ; to happen, to come to pass ; have, in its sense of an auxiliary; being, particular state or condition. So be it, so it is, or ADA— ADA [2] ADA— AJI Adapun (ada and pun).

Adaiia (ada and iia, the aifix pronoun of the third person).

Opium, the inspissated juice of the capsules of the Papaver somni- ferum, known to the Inc Uan islanders only as a foreign commodity ; v.

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