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tag is the SELECTED attribute, give it a value and it figures out which one to pre-select.

The Flex Combo Box allows you to set selected Index (the relative element position) but not selected Value.

In practice, this probably would not be the best user experience, but note that in each of its example methods, if the result is not valid, the application clears the user-entered text and displays an error message:package oreilly.cookbook { import mx.formatters. Switch Symbol Formatter; public class ISBNFormatter extends Formatter { public var format String : String = "####-##-####"; public function ISBNFormatter() override public function format(value: Object): String { // we need to check the length of the string // ISBN can be 10 or 13 characters if( !

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Both of these classes, at their roots, perform the type of string manipulation that can be done with a regular expression, though they do not tend to use regular expressions in their base classes.

Regular expressions are certainly one of the most powerful, elegant, and difficult tools available in most modern programming languages.

There are many predefined validators in the Flex Framework (e.g., for credit cards, phone numbers, email, and social security numbers), but this chapter focuses primarily on building custom validators and integrating validators and validation events into controls.

The class has a simple but highly important job: accepting any value and altering it to fit a prescribed format.

These parameters can indicate a certain format, whether a field is required, or the length of a field.

Validation can be implemented simply by setting the .Scott's solution involved calling a method to set the value, and I really think that the selected Value property should be used to be consistent with how Combo Box itself works.Ray's solution allows for a property to be set (he defined a new property for this), but his solution would not work for me as my data Provider was being populated after the control had been created (it is being populated by a call to a CFC). It's bit more complex than what Scott and Ray suggested, but it does support selected Value, it'll also allow that property to be changed as needed (even after control creation), and it also properly handles delayed data Provider population.If any of the validators return errors, all those errors are joined together and displayed in an var pt: Point = this.Bounds(err.current Target.source); var y Pos: Number = pt.y * −1; var x Pos: Number = pt.x * −1; // now create the error tip var error Tip: Tool Tip = Tool Tip Manager.create Tool Tip(err.message, x Pos err.current Target.source.width, y Pos) as Tool Tip; The numbers of each major credit card type start with the same identifying digits, and you can use this fact to create a single regular expression for determining whether a card number is valid.All Master Card card numbers start with 5, all Visa card numbers start with 4, all American Express card numbers start with 30, and all Discover card numbers start with 6011.The next segments of the expression match Visa cards, then American Express cards, and finally Discover cards.

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