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Suggest opportunities for employee events, ways of rewarding and recognising initiative and effort, or opportunities for your company to support community involvement. At worst, you'll know you did what you could, add impressive skills to your CV and know what you're looking for in your next job -- a company that understands the benefits of an engaged workforce.Make yourself indispensable You're the boss of you. Offer to cross-train to learn skills and processes inherent in other jobs."It doesn't help the employee because job satisfaction is closely linked to achievement in the role.

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Brien Keegan, country manager of Randstad NZ, says engagement should be seen as a two-way street.

"Yes, the employer has to ensure they can create and foster the right working environment to facilitate engagement.

Turns out, this particular type of ‘drive-thru’ dating is leading to a whole lot of other ‘undesirable’ real-life behaviour; 65% of folks are dating multiple people, 57 per cent are ‘ghosting’ (ceasing all contact with someone in the hopes that they ‘get the hint’, so to speak) and 34 per cent are stringing along people they aren’t interested in. I was stood up for the first time in my dating history last week with zero explanation.

Lucky for me, the bar guy was cute, so it turned out to be a win. “Dating multiple people at a time creates a negative impact on people’s self-esteem, because those they meet who have been on more dates in the same week generally have a low level of engagement, commitment and availability,” says Psychologist and e Harmony relationship expert Melanie Schilling. Hurt feelings or plummeting self-esteem (the e Harmony report cites 34 per cent feel they’re ‘not good enough’, while 24 per cent feel like they aren’t attractive enough) are the result of this onslaught of bad dating etiquette.

But equally, employees have a responsibility to be open and committed to their employer and to play an active role in driving engagement," he says.

Keegan says an attitude of just showing up at work, cruising through the day and never putting a hand up to do anything extra doesn't help anyone.

Once you've answered these questions, you'll be better positioned to determine a strategy.

If your organisation isn't into employee engagement, perhaps you can drive the initiative.

Research has shown that higher engagement also leads to lower staff turnover and reduced workplace accidents, says Keegan.

Ways to drive your engagement Market your organisation Your organisation's best magnet for attracting and keeping great employees is you.

There are many benefits to having an engaged, committed workforce.

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