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There's too much on the line for is the reigning two-time champion of the Nationwide Series, so he's clearly talented.

Regardless of the results, it's apparent how competitive Patrick is by how upset she is when things don't go her way in a race.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr., right, chopped his mullet because Danica Patrick suggested it.

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"When she was leading, there was a lot of racing left," he said.

"I've been 20th with a few laps to go and finished 10th. So I was kicked back in the chair just outside watching the race, just wishing I was in it. It was good on one hand watching (winner) Brad (Keselowski) be able to get out front and stay out front.

He's much hotter with a nice, clean cut." "He wanted to go home. I just hoped that no one undeserving is ever in that scenario in the future.

As much as a girlfriend I wanted him to stay and be there, I was like, 'I get it if you want to go home (and) ride the tractor all day and not even watch the race.' I wouldn't want to watch, either, if I was in that scenario. Hopefully NASCAR does something to make sure it doesn't happen." The switch to group qualifying this season hasn't meshed well with restrictor-plate qualifying at Daytona International Speedway and Talladega, where teams try to avoid going first and posting slower times. I thought it was important that they knew that, even if was just me that was upset and scared, I'm throwing my hand up saying, 'I'm afraid it's going to be me next.' I think they very much understood.

It would be foolish, though, to think that it would adversely affect either of their performances on the track.

Of course, a critic might say that nothing could actually hurt Patrick that much, considering her record already. They know how to separate what's happening on the track from what's happening off the track.

She has even convinced him to wear designer clothes. I grew up wearing free racing T-shirts,” Stenhouse said while rocking a James Perse shirt that Patrick bought for him. ” The 25-year-old Stenhouse also drinks wine to please Patrick, though he says he doesn’t enjoy it.

In return, his 31-year-old significant other has learned to cut back on the wine and the cussing.

For starters, they have figured out how to consolidate space on race weekends.

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