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Later on, Sadie is chosen to play with Matty for a pep rally game.

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While Jenna is in a bathroom stall, Sadie and her best friend Lissa talk about her and her alleged suicide attempt.

Even going so far as saying that Jenna wants people to talk about her because she must be desperate for attention.

She is portrayed as the popular 17 year old mean girl and malevolent student who is only popular because of her rich status, which has changed since the start of season 3 because her family became broke and their separation became Sadie's living nightmare, but she has since been adopted by Ally, after the permission of Sadie's mother Darlene and the help of the school's guidance counselor Valerie Marks.

However Sadie has shown her insecurites such as her weight.

As it turns out, the event is being hosted in Sadie's house, and her mother Darlene is the group's president.

After she mutters the phrase, "You have to be cruel to be kind", Jenna and Tamara believe that Sadie wrote the carefrontation letter since that was listed as the seventh suggestion.

Because of her popularity she plays in the stereotype of a mean girl and many enemies and frenemies at school, especially her arch-nemesis and enemy of Jenna Hamilton.

Other enemies include, Ming Huang and Clark Stevenson, Amber Horn, Tamara Kaplan, Angelique Welch and Collin Jennings.

While changing in the girl's locker room, Sadie convinces Lissa to take a naked picture of Jenna in order to stop her from stealing Lissa's boyfriend Jake. When the photo is traced back to Sadie's phone, she takes responsibility for taking the picture in order to protect Lissa, but is able to weasel her way out of getting punished by the school's guidance counselor Valerie Marks.

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