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And girls are not allowed to call, when i called them the once the voice was of a old women but the profile was of a young girl. One scammer sent me profiles that was suppose to be two different women but the photos was the same woman. Be wary if they ask for your email address and phone number.Its a big scam on the internet one can ever imagine, and if some one post good reviews of these all related site its fake review. Women on this site tried to get me to sign up for other dating sites so we could chat there.East Meet East is different from other online dating websites and services.

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It was not surprising that none of them could do it.

Excuses ranged from my phone doesn't have a camera, or the camera is broken. We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site.

It was just a scam to drum up business for a dating site with the same owner as this one.

If you are looking for a serious relationship and really want to marry an Asian woman, I recommend You won't find many beautiful or sexy women on these site, they are the exception rather than the rule, but you won't find many fake profiles either.

Tip for consumers: I devised a simple test to determine if the woman in the photograph was the woman I was communicating with.

I took a selfie of my self holding a single flower in front of me with my right hand.Our dedicated Fraud Prevention Team works 24/7 to keep our site safe, by: Deleting any profiles believed to be non-genuine.Providing a “Report Abuse” form for members to report suspicious behavior.At East Meet East, we believe you deserve the best of everything, including a well-matched partner.That’s why, we are committed to assisting Asian singles everywhere in their search for a lasting relationship.We tell you the age at which the person arrived in the US, Canada, Australia etc., languages and dialects spoken, and hobbies to help you pinpoint the perfect match.

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