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This cost is minimal when compared to the costs of eradication efforts and also serves to limit quarantines imposed upon U. growers and industry, thus enhancing global trade efforts.Additionally, no pesticides are utilized in the Medfly PRP, making the program environmentally-friendly.The bags are opened and the pupae are poured into a bucket from which a representative sample from each bag is obtained and submitted to Quality Control for testing.

Once the boxes of pupae arrive at the PRP facility, they are transported to a pupae preparation room and opened in the order in which they were packed.

As the boxes are opened, each bag of pupae is inspected for evidence of proper irradiation and a thermometer is inserted into the center bag to obtain a temperature reading.

The PRP receives over 223 million sterile Medfly pupae weekly.

(More...) Prior to shipment, pupae are mixed with a fluorescent pink or orange external marker dye that will transfer to the adults upon emergence from the pupal casing.

In order to meet this need, each day two batches of diet are prepared in commercial kettles within the diet preparation room.

Each batch of the diet formulation is composed of 50 gallons of water, 73 pounds of sugar, 3 pounds of agar, and 0.04 pounds of methyl paraben preservative.

The Medfly PRP consists of four major components that operate year round.

These components involve the release of sterile Medflies at the weekly rate of 62,500 to 125,000 flies per square mile within the coverage area, trapping for the detection of wild Medfly introductions at the rate of five Jackson traps and five Mc Phail traps per square mile with inspections at weekly intervals, identification of trapped flies by entomologists, and data management and review to monitor the quality and effectiveness of the PRP.

The following morning, the diet is cut into blocks and transported to the pupae preparation rooms.

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