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It is not clear how long he could spend in prison if convicted.

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Gordon Douglas Chalmers, a law lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, was charged in November with using Facebook and Skype to impersonate the star, after tip-offs from US and German authorities.

Chalmers was charged with using a carriage service to procure and groom children for sex and to access child pornography. As a result of warrants issued in November to search his social media and messaging accounts and cloud servers, Chalmers was charged this week with another 931 child sex offenses dating back a decade, including rape and making child exploitation material, a police statement said.

Upon successful installation, they can be used as remote attack tools or form part of a botnet to launch distributed denial of service (DDo S) attacks or to disseminate spam or malware.

In March 2006, the charged a Melbourne man with botnet-related activities and this case is due for a committal hearing in December 2006 ( 2006).

I was in a mate's office and logged on and there were three friend requests.

I didn't know them and pressed yes on one by accident.

"The fact that so many children could believe that they were communicating with this particular celebrity highlights the need for a serious rethink about the way that we as a society educate our children about online safety," Police Detective Inspector Jon Rouse said in a statement.

"The breadth of offenses committed in this instance is frankly horrendous," Rouse added.

Police have not said how many children had become victims or in what countries they live.

But Rouse said the investigation showed "the global reach and skill that child sex offenders have to groom and seduce victims." Chalmers has yet to enter pleas.

the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime 2001).

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