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Paying the bill, giving the key of his houses, give cash money every day and being a good listener.

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The greater part of the women (67.2%) will not contact you anymore if the first message after the date is not interesting enough.

With men it's much less (41.6%) but still they also expect a nice message.

According to research the first message is very important and will decide if you will have a second date coming or have to look for another date.

What's more important after the first date according to research with 10.000 European singles?

Go online and book a trip because with the following tips you might have the best holiday ever.

Read article: Choose the right photo for your dating profile If you want to find a date on the internet it's very important to give a good first impression.

11 reasons to start online dating Are you thinking to sign-up at an online dating site but you still have doubts of this is something for you? Everybody is going on holiday with their partner and families and you are just trying to ignore the nice stories and people looking forward to their holiday.

In our article you will find 11 reasons why it could be interesting for you to take the first step to sign-up and maybe end up with a date tonight - See more at: on holiday? Are you single at the moment and you can't find anybody to join you on a holiday?

An complete and exciting profile is the first but most important step to a date.

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