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If you’re more of a Loyola dweller, the “secret” tunnel between CJ and SP is guaranteed to be deserted most days after p.m.You’ll find it near the CJ Building exit closest to the SP Building.It also has more interesting information, like your “kink factor,” and willingness to have sex on a first date.

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My parents don’t know I’m gay and her family situation is complicated. We’ve had some sex in private places in public, but it’s often really risky. —Vagina Vagrant Living at home can definitely create some difficult situations when it comes to sex and that need for privacy probably isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

You’re probably at least a little tired of taking a risk every time you have sex, but desperate times call for desperate measures…

“Imagine a user listens to a fantasy like Fifty Shades of Grey and the vibrator vibrates in sync with the fantasy,” Vibease founder Dema Tio told Business Insider via email. As of June 2013, over 200,000 people had banged with friends.

“When the story says ‘I’m touching you softly’, it vibrates softly and when the story says ‘I’m touching you hard’, it vibrates hard. As studies show that hearing sense, mood and fantasies play a big part in female pleasure experience.” i OS and Android: Coming soon Bang With Friends offers an anonymous way to figure out which of your Facebook friends are down to have sex with you. i OS: Currently banned Android: Free Grindr is a location-based hookup app for gay and bisexual men.

But there are still plenty of startups aiming to harness the power of technology to make it even easier to have sex.

quality=60&strip=all&w=620" /Humans have been having sex without the help of technology for ages.I also want to mention that I looked into potential consequences, and while I’m still awaiting more info (check out next week’s S&P!) the general response was that if security finds students engaging in sexual activity on campus their protocol is to file a statement and submit it to the Office of Rights and Responsibilities.Since launching in 2009, its user base has grown to more than 5 million people who on average spend 90 minutes every day using the app.i OS: Free Android: Free Twine matches you with compatible people nearby based on shared interests. You’ll see where the person is from and what you have in common.i OS: Free Android: Free Hinge is a social dating game that asks you to rate friends, or friends of friends, on a scale from 1 to 5.

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