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Do I still get access to the con the whole weekend? Just bring your ID and the email address you used to purchase the admission and everything will be taken care of at the Will Call kiosks in Registration. Your admission is good for the whole day, or the whole weekend (depending on what kind of admission you bought. Reach out directly to Front Gate Tickets and they will be able to assist you. Your admissions are pdf files and need Adobe in order to open. Also, all talent is subject to change, so no refunds are given for guest cancellations (Photo Ops, Autographs and specific guest VIP Admissions are automatically refunded if a guest cancels).

A - Yes you will still have access to the con the whole weekend, however, your autograph and photo op with that particular guest will take place on the day you chose. I didn’t actually buy the admission, my mom did, and I don’t have ID. A - Don’t worry, all the info about the admission is on file. Buying your admissions in advance will save you a lot of headaches! Keep in mind though that if the show is full, the Fire Marshal sometimes institutes a "One in one out" policy. I’ve been charged for more admissions than I ordered. A - Most likely, what you’re seeing is a pending only charge that will drop on its own in 2-3 business days.

It’s their call on what to charge, how much to charge, or even if they will charge.

Remember, when you step behind the table to take a picture with the guest, it holds up the line, and for a very popular guest, that can really cause delays for other fans.

A - Generally, you can purchase advanced admissions until the final day of the event. You print that PDF confirmation out, bring it with you to the show, and we’ll take care of everything there! A - The admissions are $10 cheaper online than at the door, and the line to check in with your advanced purchased admission is shorter than waiting in line to buy admission. What’s the deal with the free children’s admission?

I ordered my admissions a month ago, but still have not gotten them in the mail! You’ll want to head to the “WILL CALL” kiosks in registration. A - Each adult admission purchased entitles you to two (2) free children’s admissions for children 10 and under. Generally, we have various agents and representatives who bring the actors to us, or the actors themselves sometimes contact us, but occasionally we will go and track someone down if we really want them.

A - You can buy them at the door, but you would not get the pre-order discounts, or incentives, and the line to buy admissions at the show is generally longer than the line to pick up admissions bought in advance. A - Generally (and this changes for each show, so be sure to check the details on the VIP Page for that show) VIP admissions get you in to the show all three days (or more if there is a preview night).

Can I buy admissions at the door, or do I have to buy them in advance?What happens if a Celebrity cancels, and I bought a VIP Admission, Photo Op or Autograph?A - These are automatically refunded and you do not have to do anything.When you do that, everyone has to stop and wait for you to take the picture. Each of the guests at the show charges a different amount, so be sure to ask first before you commit to buy one!If you move so that you are both on the same side of the aisle and take the picture in the direction of traffic flow, then people can move past you and you don’t stop the flow of traffic. Keep in mind that many of our panel rooms are now being filmed and broadcast live over the internet. Wizard World does not tell our guests what to charge, or even that they have to charge.I’m an agent or rep for an actor or comic artist who would like to attend your show as a guest, who do I contact?

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