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Breastfeeding is the natural means by which a baby receives nourishment.In most societies women usually feed their own babies, being the most natural, convenient and cost effective method of feeding a baby.The history and culture of breastfeeding traces changing social, medical and legal attitudes to breastfeeding, the act of feeding a child breast milk directly from breast to mouth.

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Women were advised or even forced by law to nurse their own children.

Rousseau, and the midwife Anel le Rebours described in their writings the advantages and necessity of women breastfeeding their own children and discouraged the practice of wet nursing.

In the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires, women usually fed only their own children.

However, breastfeeding began to be seen as something too common to be done by royalty, and wet nurses were employed to breastfeed the children of the royal families.

And if you wish to have your children nursed by a substitute, there is no blame upon you as long as you give payment according to what is acceptable.

(parts of Surat al-Baqarah 3) Governments in Europe started to worry about the decline of the workforce because of the high mortality rates among newborns.Japan became the first developed country to have a baby-friendly hospital, and as of 2006 has another 24 such facilities.In the Qur'an it is stated that a child should be breastfed if both parents agree: Mothers may breastfeed their children two complete years for whoever wishes to complete the nursing ...However there are situations when a mother could not suckle her own baby, for example she may have died, become unwell or otherwise could not provide breast milk for her baby.Before the availability of infant formula, in those situations, unless a wet nurse was found promptly, the baby may die, and infant mortality rates were very high.The use of infant formulas increased, which accelerated after World War II.

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