Family self pics

However, even with a remote the focus can fall behind you.

Family self pics-16Family self pics-76

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The bonus about using a remote is it will not take the picture until it finds something to focus on. I typically take about 100 photos when I’m in the photo and get about 25% that are in focus.

The following pictures were all taken with the self timer and took forever to take. Using a remote will really increase your chances of being in focus.

The first one has a 2 or 3 second delay (double check your manual though) I think that is what I read in my sister’s manual.

The second one I believe takes the picture without a delay but don’t quote me on that : O) It may depend on which camera you have.

So, here I present those outstanding family photographs—feast your eyes!

I don’t want to hear your excuses: my hair is a mess, don’t have make up on, have a few more pounds to lose, it’s time to take some self portraits! If you are reading this blog the odds are you are the main picture taker in your family which means you are in about 10% of the photos.

Some weeks I’m by myself and some I’m with my family. You don’t want your kids to go through old photos and wonder where you were : O)–Start with a tripod and a remote.

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