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My view is that anybody who feels a part of the community is integrated.That depends first and foremost on the motivation of the newcomer. Tolerance and patience are two things that have always accompanied me along the way.

This is important: When young children begin learning German immediately, it is easier for them to adapt to their new environment, make new friends and start to feel at home in Germany. In some cases employers provide language coaches or contribute to the cost of a language course – just ask your boss or supervisor.[Translate to Englisch (US):] Für Spätaussiedler und deutsche Staatsbürgerinnen und Staatsbürger gibt es Sonderregelungen.

Einen Überblick zu allen Regelungen und Kosten erhalten Sie auf der Seite des Bundesamts für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF).

Courses for your children are available as well, as German classes are offered for people of every age.

Some classes are tailored to the interests and language skills of children and young people.

Online dating has become rampant throughout the world, and a majority of people now prefer to date interactively rather than spending a lot of time indulging in traditional dating and then finding out the people they are dating are actually not the ones they have been after.

There are so many reasons why you should strongly consider using chat rooms for dating nice and pretty German women.

If your German is not yet particularly good, you may, under some circumstances, be required to take a course.

Are you employed and unable to take a full- or part-time course? Upon issuing your Residence permit, the foreigners’ registration office will let you know whether you are allowed or required to take an Integration course.

Whether you may take an Integration course or, in some cases, are required to do so, depends on your country of origin and your level of fluency.

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